BIC-40thFor starting up that lekker braai or romantically lighting some candles you can never have enough of these little gadgets!

The BIC® disposable lighters, supplied by The Promo Group, is recognized as a worldwide leader in producing a safe, reliable flame for millions of consumers every day.

In more than 160 countries around the world, BIC® has sold more than 15 billion disposable butane lighters. Each day, BIC® produces more than seven million plain or imprinted lighters worldwide – many being promotional lighters.

BIC® employees are carefully trained to recognize that quality is essential to the production of safe custom disposable lighters, personalized disposable lighters, or branded lighters. BIC® employees are directly responsible for the quality control of all BIC® lighters or braai lighters.

The average BIC® employee in BIC’s® assembly process spends approximately 25% of his or her time checking quality. In addition, quality assurance technicians at BIC® evaluate packaged lighters to assure BIC’s® high quality and compliance with safety standards.

The BIC® lighters wholesale division, in partnership with The Promo Group, facilitates the supply of quality disposable lighters bulk as well as electronic lighters – not cheap disposable lighters

BIC® is proud of its 40-year history of providing safe and reliable cool disposable lighters to millions of consumers around the world – this disposable lighter supplier, together with The Promo Group, understands social responsibility and as such does not promote the sale of disposable cigarette lighters.

As with branded pens a good quality disposable lighter used for corporate gifts will be used continuously by the receiver ensuring maximum brand exposure over a long period of time.

Add a BIC® lighter to your arsenal of marketing tools!