BIC® Lighter Custom Branding

We require original artwork, of good quality in an electronic vectorised format, in order to produce acceptable branded items.
We reserve the right to supply a 5% quantity variance on all printed orders.
Artwork recreation or redesign will be quoted on request and subject to our acceptance.
A white underlay is advised when a light colour is printed on a dark product, the cost of this underlay is the cost of an additional imprint colour.
Pantone colours may be requested for accurate colour matching.

Printing techniques offered
Screen Printing – Pad Printing – Laser Engraving – Doming


When using this process a logo is exposed onto a mesh screen. Ink is then placed onto the screen and a squeegee pushes the ink through the screen in the areas where the logo is. Colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential. Screen printing allows for up to a 6 colour print. Screen printing is best for large and bold logos and is generally used on T-Shirts, bags, umbrellas and a multitude of larger promotional products.


Pad printing is the process used to brand small or intricate items. The branding is applied by transferring ink onto the product using a silicone cushion which is pressed onto the item. Pad printing allows for up to a 4 colour print. From pens to golf balls and a large variety of small corporate gifts, pad printing would in many cases be the branding option of choice.


Laser engraving is when a laser burns the top layer of the product off and reveals the layer beneath – a logo or design will be replicated with precise accuracy into the product’s surface. Because the top layer is “burned off”, laser engraving is a permanent method of branding and makes it an upmarket and subtle choice. This process is mainly used for items with any metal surface such as metal pens, key holders, pocket knives, stainless steel mugs and flasks, BBQ items and many more.


Vinyl stickers are digitally printed in full-colour on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to almost any shape and size and then applied onto a product. Domed stickers are printed exactly the same as vinyl stickers, except these stickers are coated with a resin to give a 3-dimensional appearance. This process gives a digital full-colour branding and is ideal for multi-colour logos which are hard to replicate with other print techniques.